Dare to be a Badass!


Find Your Voice, Find Your Power, Find Your Purpose! When we SHINE, we illuminate the way for others!

Joy and abundance comes from a place inside each of us. It’s a place that is confident, responsive, and dares to dream big dreams.  It’s able to make a mark in the world that leaves us all better for the future. Defining yourself is an essential step to moving forward toward your purpose in life.

It’s time to pick up our swords and take back the battlefields!

Dare to be a Badass, created to sharpen weapons of a woman’s daily war, equips and challenges women to take their rightful place in their circles of influence. Each of the 52 short lessons studies a daily life issue, gives 3-5 practical life-hacks for that particular issue and a Pick Up Your Sword work page.

We face battles on a wide variety of fronts and knowing who we are created to be defines which battles to engage in for success in our homes, work, and spiritual lives. This book is for women who dare to make a difference. It’s vital we glean the wisdom of the women who have come before us and prepare to be the voice for the next generation.

Offer yourself as a role model of good actions.

Show integrity, seriousness, and a sound message that is above criticism when you teach,

so that any opponent will be ashamed because they won’t find anything bad to say about us.

~ Titus 2:7-8

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Looking for your purpose? Your voice? Your Power?  When we shine, we illuminate the way for others…

Women are unique warriors created to care for families, businesses, communities, and nations. We often become battle-weary when we don’t define our strengths. We may find ourselves powerless, voiceless, and purposeless. Like the warrior who pulled the sword from the stone, the power to influence for greatness lies within you. When we discover our purpose, we uncover the gold our creator meant to shine when He us knit together.

It’s time to pick up our swords and take back the battlefields!

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