Avoiding New Year Resolution Failures!

It’s that time of year again! New Year resolutions are the Western World traditions dating back two millennia. At first a pagan celebration, adopted by Puritans to keep their young people from participating in errant celebrations, they encouraged instead a quiet time of reflection. Christians welcomed New Year resolutions to inspire Biblical principles like being Read More

Autumn’s Simplicity

Life is a gift we are given each day. We cannot recapture a moment ill spent, So today purpose to dream about tomorrow, But live in the moment. Don’t wait, Make memories today and celebrate life! Rushed from the emergency room waiting area into an exam room, my heart pounded watching the doctor and nurses Read More

Rock – n- Roses

Standing near a one-ton pallet of Montana river stones at the local nursery, I heard one of the owners over my shoulder.  “Ahh . . ., it’s the ‘rock’ lady.” I turned around to a familiar smiling face who said, “We’re dying of curiosity, what do you do with all the rocks you buy? We Read More

Root Bound or Opportunity Seeking?

Wilted yellowing leaves are the best indicator that something is wrong. A vibrant plant should be lush and green with good flexibility. But when the roots have filled the container, a plant’s subsequent growth fails to spread outward. The roots grow back into themselves and the plant becomes root-bound. This kind of misguided growth chokes Read More

Ageless Wisdom

“You just don’t understand.” I screamed, “You never want me to grow up!” slamming the car door as I got out. My mom quietly sat in the car for several more moments. I could tell she was as frustrated as I was. Our conversations lately have been anything but conversations. It seemed we couldn’t talk Read More

Change or Move!

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. ~ Martin Luther King “Is this dead?” my husband asked me while we were weeding the rose beds. He wanted to yank it out of the ground and into the compost pile. “Be patient with her, she’s in shock, change can Read More

The First Rose of Summer

The aroma of a life that touches another’s life garden can be the catalyst that stimulates their vibrancy of existence. Every spring I await the arrival of my peonies to briefly announce the glory of spring, and the coming celebration of summer. Their beauty is extraordinary and worth waiting for, like some lives that cross Read More

Trampled Growth

Simplifying life is a constant goal so planning a walk around the ten acres, I live on, is a vital part of that simplicity.  Walking is a time to return to basics, away from the rush and push of real life.  My surroundings renew the air in my lungs, the view for my eyes, and Read More

Butterfly Fight

“Momma, Help!” cried my frantic four-year old. Stubby little fingers tightly grasped a long twig; hanging midway down the branch was a chrysalis. The transparent covering was split and just barely visible were the bright velvet colors of a Viceroy butterfly’s wings. It was easy to see why my son was so distraught; the butterfly Read More